Abestos: the rampant problem of dumping in landfills

Date: Nov 15, 2016

The problem of improper disposal of asbestos contaminated material is more common than you would think. Just last month, three cases involved the material being dumped near child care centres and schools, including one incident in NSW.

NSW: one among many cases of asbestos dumped in landfills

SBS World Newsreports that people are calling for more regulation to prevent dumping abestos contaminated material in landfills.

And for good reason. This a common problem considering that there were three high-profile cases involving asbestos just last month in New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland. The worst part is that all of these incidents involved dumping material in close proximity to daycare centres and primary schools.

The case in NSW is still under investigation.  ABC reports that Parramatta City Council believes that building material containing abestos was dumped outside of the childcare centre in the early morning.

Crews cleared all of the material, but it has still sent people into shock. The question remains, who is responsible?

Whoever is found liable faces the possibility of a maximum sentence, which involves seven years in jail and a $1 million fine. Businesses face a larger fine of $5 million.

SBS states that the law firm Maurice Blackburn says it is concerned that there will be a rise in asbestos victims if the dumping in landfills continues.

As it is, there are far too many of these cases of improper disposal coming to the surface. As a result, the issue is now part of a senate inquiry.

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