Marina Azer  -  Paralegal


I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilisation.


About Marina

I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Law at Western Sydney University. I will be completing my law degree by the end of 2018. Law is an area I have always wanted to pursue from a very young age. Listening to the stories of my parents and the harsh conditions they were subject to prior to their migration to Australia has motivated me to chase a path where I am able to fight for the rights of others and provide them the justice they deserve. 

I joined the Gerard Malouf and Partners team in August 2017 and I am currently working under the guidance of George Cham in the area of Workers Compensation. Workers Compensation is an area I have worked closely on for some time whilst completing my university studies.

I have always been passionate about helping others and the best way to do that is by exercising empathy. You will never truly understand someone’s needs and concerns, unless you put yourself in their shoes. I believe by doing so, you are able to understand in depth, their losses and needs and ultimately maximise their compensation results.

Personal injury is an area I wish to master. Torts was my favourite subject during my studies and has motivated this career path.

When I am not working, I enjoy volunteer work and spending time with family.

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