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  • Are airlines ignoring sexual assault?
    Published 14 Dec 2018
    They're the first responders to medical emergencies, deal with in-flight fires and evacuations, as well as handling bomb threats - all while ensuring each and every passenger has a safe and comfortable flying experience from take off to landing. However, it seems flight attendants aren't afforded the same level of care from fellow employees and passengers.
  • Will the Royal Commission for Aged Care result in more nursing home negligence claims?
    Published 13 Dec 2018
    On Tuesday 9 October, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. But what is this and how will it impact those living in aged care?
  • Sydney Woman Wins $82,000.00 Against Chemist After Tripping Over Stool Left in Isle
    Published 12 Dec 2018
    Our client was purchasing medicine at a Chemist in Rose Bay when she tripped over a stool that had been carelessly left in the isle by the employees of the store. As a result of her fall, our client suffered serious injuries to her left leg. After the pain and swelling did not subside, she attended upon her doctor who organised x-rays and scans. This showed our client had in fact sustained a fracture and broken her leg.
  • How does the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme work?
    Published 11 Dec 2018
    In 2017, there were a total of 12,141 serious injuries caused by motor vehicle incidents on NSW roads, according to Transport for NSW. This astronomical figure is why the state continues to be the worst for serious injuries and fatalities caused on Australian roads.
  • What procedural steps must I take when claiming injury compensation?
    Published 10 Dec 2018
    Any individual who has been injured as a result of another's negligent actions is eligible to claim for damages under the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002. But what are the procedural steps that must be taken when claiming for such an injury?
  • A Guide to Legal Costs for a Compensation Claim
    Published 03 Dec 2018
    The following is guide to explain legal costs and what you could expect to recover from a defendant when making a claim.
  • Local Council pays pedestrian damages in trip and fall on defective footpath
    Published 30 Nov 2018
    Our client was an elderly lady walking in the early hours of the morning to the shopping centre in Sydney New South Wales. As she was walking to the shopping centre, she tripped on a damaged section of the footpath which had dark grey asphalt which had lined the footpath area. It had not been repaired properly and maintained in a proper workmanlike manner.
  • How often are NSW workers injured?
    Published 29 Nov 2018
    Slips, trips and falls are just three of the most common workplace accidents. However that's just the tip of the iceberg. No matter the industry you work in and no matter how safe you think it may be, incidents can occur unexpectedly, causing an array of injuries. But just how often are NSW workers injured on the job?
  • Man Who Fractures Arm On Plane Receives Full Compensation Payout
    Published 21 Nov 2018
    When you suffer disability and reduced mobility, travelling is already a difficult proposition. Gerard Malouf and Partners had recent success on our client’s behalf in circumstances where a major airline failed to provide a man with a hoist to get out of his allocated seat and into his wheelchair after a long flight. In the course of transferring to his wheelchair, our client suffered a broken arm.
  • Man Receives Large Compensation Payout After Sydney Hospital Error
    Published 20 Nov 2018
    Many people end up in hospital because they are gravely ill. When gravely ill, the last thing one needs is further injury causing harm to a part of the body that would otherwise have been perfectly healthy.
  • What are the differences between economic and non-economic losses?
    Published 31 Oct 2018
    u could be entitled to damages for both economic and non-economic losses after an injury, but what does this mean? We can explain the key differences.
  • Are pedestrians entitled to motor vehicle accident compensation?
    Published 30 Oct 2018
    Unfortunately, the number of pedestrian fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents continues to increase in Australia. In 2018, 182 people died as a result of the aforementioned accidents - a 12.3 per cent increase from the previous year.
  • What forms must I fill out to claim car accident compensation?
    Published 29 Oct 2018
    In 2015, there were 7,850 'on-road' recorded traffic crashes in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), according to the ACT Government. This involved 15,358 vehicles, and resulted in 813 casualties - including 131 hospital admissions and 15 fatalities.
  • Are workers compensation reforms harming vulnerable Australians?
    Published 26 Oct 2018
    In 2012, the NSW Government overhauled the Workers Compensation Act 1987 (section 39). Since its implementation in 2017, many Australians have been left vulnerable after losing their weekly workers compensation benefits.
  • Are cosmetic surgery customers at risk of medical negligence in Australia?
    Published 22 Oct 2018
    From liposuction to botox, it seems Aussies can't get enough of cosmetic surgery. In the last year alone, more than 500,000 cosmetic procedures were performed, making Australia the country with the most cosmetic surgery operations per capita, according to the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Are priests legally obliged to report sexual abuse confessions
    Published 17 Oct 2018
    The topic of sexual assault in the church continues to fill the pages of news publications around Australia. In recent weeks, the subject has reached new heights in the wake of recent responses to the amended law surrounding reporting child abuse heard in confessional.
  • Can I make a slip, trip and fall claim for a workplace injury?
    Published 15 Oct 2018
    While they form the basis of slapstick comedy routines, slips, trips and falls are no laughing matter. In Australia, between 2003 and 2015, such incidents caused the death of 386 workers and led to 23 per cent of serious workplace compensation claims, according to Safe Work Australia.
  • What do these common public liability terms mean
    Published 12 Oct 2018
    Navigating public liability claims can be confusing and time consuming. You may have heard certain terms before when reading about legal cases or watching television shows about the law, but when you're dealing with these claims yourself, you may not know where to start.
  • Am I entitled to medical expenses after a car accident?
    Published 10 Oct 2018
    If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation. However, there are guidelines in place that will affect the outcome of your claim. Understanding compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance and when it applies is the first step.
  • Is car accident compensation available when a child is at fault?
    Published 08 Oct 2018
    Up to a certain age, children do not receive the same sentences or punishments as adults do for illegal activities. But what happens if a child causes a motor vehicle accident? Will they still be able to get accident compensation? What if they are only partially to blame?
  • Can I sue a nurse for negligence?
    Published 05 Oct 2018
    Our research indicates that around 25 per cent of all medical negligence cases involve poor services administered by a nurse. Although you may be eligible to receive compensation if you have experienced nursing negligence, there are a few things to keep in mind when going through the process.
  • Indexation of Statutory Weekly Benefits for Accidents After 1 Dec 2017
    Published 04 Oct 2018
    All GMP clients who are receiving weekly benefits from the CTP Insurers should be aware that their weekly benefits are subject to indexation. Insurers as at the 1st October 2018 were required to apply a 1.6% increase to their pre-accident weekly earnings.
  • 90 year old grandmother wins over $180,000 following trip and fall in rental property
    Published 28 Sep 2018
    The Plaintiff was a 90 year old Victorian grandmother who had come to Sydney to visit her daughter. The Plaintiff’s daughter had held a residential tenancy agreement from about 2012.
  • I hurt myself playing sports. Can I make a public liability claim?
    Published 28 Sep 2018
    Between 2013 and 2014, an estimated 60 per cent of Australians aged 15 years and over participated in a sports activity at least once, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. However, in the previous year, 7,500 people were hospitalised for some form of sport-related injury, states further government data.
  • Melbourne resident receives over $120,000 after slip and fall in prominent Sydney shopping centre chain
    Published 27 Sep 2018
    On 21 December 2015 the Plaintiff attended the defendant’s premises in the hope of completing his weekly shopping. At the time of the accident there was a lot of heavy rain around Sydney.
  • Should I settle or go to court during a public liability claim?
    Published 26 Sep 2018
    Public liability claims enable you to recoup the financial and emotional costs of suffering an injury due to someone else's negligence. Defendants regularly offer monetary settlements to claimants, particularly if they acknowledge liability and believe they would lose in court.
  • Is permanent impairment compensation paid when a worker dies
    Published 25 Sep 2018
    If a worker is injured on the job, they are likely eligible to receive benefits. In addition, the Workers Compensation Act 1987 indicates that if they can prove permanent impairment, they could gain additional funds. A recent death in NSW brought into question what the term 'permanent impairment' meant under the Act.
  • Shire father receives over $210,000 after slip and fall in popular coffee retailer
    Published 24 Sep 2018
    On 4 April 2016 the Plaintiff entered the Defendants store to purchase and consume coffee. As the Plaintiff sat down in the designated chair the back leg of the chair slipped off the edge of a lip causing the Plaintiff to fall landing on the ground heavily.
  • Am I entitled to damages for pain and suffering from a car crash
    Published 21 Sep 2018
    In the state of New South Wales (NSW), more than 30 people are hospitalised by motor crashes each day, according to NSW Government data. If you have been involved in a car accident recently, you're probably wondering what a claim for pain and suffering is actually worth.
  • New Zealand resident receives over $120,000 following shelving collapse in private home
    Published 20 Sep 2018
    The Plaintiff was a 38-year-old New Zealand resident who