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  • Hit and run driver ordered to pay injured passenger compensation!
    Published 09 Apr 2019
    If you are a passenger, driver or pedestrian who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident which is the fault of another party, you may be entitled to receive fair and reasonable compensation if you have suffered serious injuries, losses and damages due to the negligence of the other driver.
  • Sexual Abuse National Redress Scheme Faces Payout Problems
    Published 21 Jan 2019
    Since its launch in July 2018, the number of sex abuse victims that have received compensation from the National Redress Scheme is significantly below original estimations.
  • Background on Gerard Malouf the Founder of Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers
    Published 18 Jan 2019
    Gerard Malouf believes “knowing someone's background is a portent of their morality, their future and what they might ultimately want to achieve in their life.”
  • Does the NRL have a sexual assault and domestic violence problem?
    Published 16 Jan 2019
    While it may be one of the most popular sports in the country, stories relating to the NRL aren't detailing its successes - instead, the media is drowning in reports of sexual assault allegations against some team's biggest players. But is the NRL doing enough to protect women from sexual assault or domestic violence?
  • Tamworth woman receives $170,000 compensation for personal injury from motor vehicle accident
    Published 10 Jan 2019
    Mrs A was the passenger of a motor vehicle travelling on a highway when the driver of the motor vehicle fell asleep at the wheel, lost control of the vehicle and subsequently collided with a tree.
  • 64 Year old Woman Pedestrian Receives $590,000 in Compensation for Severe Motor Vehicle Injury
    Published 21 Dec 2018
    We acted for Mrs P, a 64yr old woman who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Western Sydney in 2017. She was waiting to cross at a pedestrian crossing on a main street, with a green pedestrian light, indicating it was safe to cross the street. When Mrs P was nearing the middle of the street, she was struck at speed by a vehicle who failed to stop for pedestrians while turning right.
  • What home care costs can I receive from a public liability claim?
    Published 20 Dec 2018
    Compensation received from public liability claims in Queensland can cover more than just medical costs. Household costs are also put into consideration by courts, as are personal care needs. While injured parties are recovering, there are many things they'll no longer be able to do, like gardening or driving a car, so these considerations are very important.
  • How have dispute resolution processes changed for workers compensation claims?
    Published 19 Dec 2018
    Between 2015-2016, there were 104,770 serious workers' compensation claims in NSW, according to Safe Work Australia. While some of these claims were successful, many were not. This is where the dispute resolution comes in. This service helps rejected claimants challenge a previous decision before it becomes so big that a tribunal or court is required.
  • National Redress Scheme for Sexual Abuse in Australian Institutions
    Published 18 Dec 2018
    The Federal Government following the Royal Commission into institutionalised sexual abuse has set up a National Redress Scheme to ensure that thousands of victims of sexual abuse that were underage have an automatic right to claim some predetermined damages and money from these large institutions.
  • Am I liable for compensation if I donate food and someone gets ill?
    Published 18 Dec 2018
    Bake sales, pot lucks and charitable events are three examples of when someone may donate food. While generous, sometimes such gestures can result in cases of food poisonings. But what happens if you donate food and someone becomes ill as a result? Are you liable for compensation under the Civil Liability Act?
  • Gerard Malouf & Partners Obtain Swift Justice for Medical Negligence Client in Urgent Circumstances
    Published 17 Dec 2018
    When our client contacted us, he was already dying. Metastatic cancer was first diagnosed several years prior, and had spread to his liver and beyond when we were asked to become involved in the case.
  • Are airlines ignoring sexual assault?
    Published 14 Dec 2018
    They're the first responders to medical emergencies, deal with in-flight fires and evacuations, as well as handling bomb threats - all while ensuring each and every passenger has a safe and comfortable flying experience from take off to landing. However, it seems flight attendants aren't afforded the same level of care from fellow employees and passengers.
  • Will the Royal Commission for Aged Care result in more nursing home negligence claims?
    Published 13 Dec 2018
    On Tuesday 9 October, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. But what is this and how will it impact those living in aged care?
  • Sydney Woman Wins $82,000.00 Against Chemist After Tripping Over Stool Left in Isle
    Published 12 Dec 2018
    Our client was purchasing medicine at a Chemist in Rose Bay when she tripped over a stool that had been carelessly left in the isle by the employees of the store. As a result of her fall, our client suffered serious injuries to her left leg. After the pain and swelling did not subside, she attended upon her doctor who organised x-rays and scans. This showed our client had in fact sustained a fracture and broken her leg.
  • How does the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme work?
    Published 11 Dec 2018
    In 2017, there were a total of 12,141 serious injuries caused by motor vehicle incidents on NSW roads, according to Transport for NSW. This astronomical figure is why the state continues to be the worst for serious injuries and fatalities caused on Australian roads.
  • What procedural steps must I take when claiming injury compensation?
    Published 10 Dec 2018
    Any individual who has been injured as a result of another's negligent actions is eligible to claim for damages under the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002. But what are the procedural steps that must be taken when claiming for such an injury?
  • A Guide to Legal Costs for a Compensation Claim