Supermarket slip due to polished floor results in $125,000 payout for Newcastle woman

Published 12 Feb 2018

A woman has been awarded $125,000.00 after slipping in a supermarket in Newcastle. Our client was performing shopping duties and was walking through an aisle. As she was waking she has suddenly slipped and fallen heavily to the ground. Our client does not recall there being a hazard on the floor, however recounts the floor as being extremely slippery. The floor had in fact been over-polished, resulting in its slippery nature.

At the time of the accident, our client was actively seeking employment. The subject accident precluded her from looking for work for a period of approximately one year. Furthermore, she was unable to perform a variety of household duties following the fall and received additional assistance around the home free of charge, from family and friends. This is known as gratuitous care and assistance and is claimable if it can be shown that you have received 6 hours or more of care per week and assistance for a period of 6 months or more, free of charge, that you would not have received prior to the accident.

This client attended upon the expert accident compensation lawyers of Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation. During this consultation, a statement was taken on our client’s behalf which detailed the impact this injury had on her life. This statement is an opportunity for the expert public liability lawyers to gain an insight into just how our client’s life can be affected from these injuries and it also gives an understanding as to what damages can be claimed.

Given the information at hand, our personal injury solicitor was satisfied that there was clear claim to be made against the offending supermarket. Following the initial consultation Gerard Malouf and Partners began collecting evidence both in respect to liability and in respect to medical evidence. Medical appointments were arranged for our client to be assessed to determine the full extent of her injuries, and to determine what ongoing losses our client would suffer.

Satisfied the case was prepared fully, our expert compensation solicitor prepared the documents to be filed in Court.

Having all the relevant evidence at hand, we invited the Defendant to participate in an Informal Settlement Conference. As our client lived in Newcastle, she was unable to attend on the day but was available for participation via telephone. Before any offer is made, rejected or accepted, the instructions of our clients are required. The matter was able to settle for an amount of $125,000.00. This was a result our client was delighted with.

If you or anybody you know has been involved in an accident in a public place please contact the expert personal injury solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation to discuss your legal entitlements.