Sutherland lady receives $120,000 in compensation after sustaining a whiplash injury

Published 08 Nov 2016

Ms F was driving along the M4 motorway and as she slowed down to stop in traffic she was struck from the rear by another vehicle who failed to stop. Ms F reported the accident to police however the vehicle that caused the accident could not be identified and Ms F was unsure to whether she had any rights to claim noting that the other vehicle did not pull over.

Ms F contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners for advice.

Action Taken:

Ms F was informed that even though the vehicle that caused the accident that failed to stop there is a scheme known as the nominal defendant scheme that existed in these scenarios which enable her to lodge a claim form with that insurer even though the registration of the vehicle that caused the accident was unknown. A claim form was lodged with GIO Insurance who requested due search enquiry to be effected. Advertisements were placed in the local paper calling on any witnesses that may have seen the accident to come forward. The Insurer than accepted those attempts to find any witnesses as being satisfactory and accepted the claim.

Ms F was referred to see various doctors to ascertain the nature of her injuries and whilst there was no significant spinal injuries which could be seen from the radiology investigations she still had complaints of a sore neck and sore back which affected her ability to work as a bar tender and continue to affect her ability when she changed jobs to an office type role.


The Insurer invited Ms F to attend a settlement conference at their offices. After extensive negotiations the matter resolved in the sum of $120,000.00 this was a lot more than what Ms F had foreshadowed that her case would be worth and she was naturally ecstatic with the result.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered whiplash type injuries and have lost income or your ability to look after your house hold has been affected than you to could be entitled to some compensation for your injuries.

If there is an uninsured or unidentified vehicle then you can still be covered as there is a scheme non as the nominal defendant that covers people in those types of accidents.

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