24 year old kitchen hand receives injury compensation following motor bike accident

Published 27 Oct 2016

In November 2013 the Claimant was riding his motor bike along Station Street, Waratah, when another vehicle travelling on the other side of the road veered into the Claimant’s path. The Claimant attempted to avoid the collusion however was unable to and struck the front of the car before being thrown to the ground.

The Claimant was admitted to hospital for 2 days with damage to his right shoulder, right knee and right ankle. 

As a result of his injuries the Claimant was unable to stand for long period of time or stretch and reach with his right arm. As a result he was unable to continue in his role as a kitchen hand role and had to take 7 months off work.

Upon returning to work the Claimant was confined to light duties, he was offered less shifts as his position had been given to someone else. He was ultimately terminated from his position as he was unable to keep up with the work load.

Luckily for the Claimant he had already obtained employment with a security company doing, security patrols. This meant that he did not have to stand for longer periods of time and was able to cope with the work requirements. However the claimant was earning significantly less than he was before.

Throughout this period the Claimant also continued to have treatment expenses which were paid by the insurer and by Medicare.

We were able to make a claim for the entirety of the time off work which the Claimant had, this included the reduced income which the Claimant had over the different periods. A claim was also made for the continued impact that the injuries would have on the Claimant’s employment. Finally we claimed back all the medical and treatment expenses which the claimant had received and a buffer for medical treatment into the future.

Given the quick recovery time of the Claimant’s injuries he received an amount in excess of $55,000.00.

If you or your family member have been injured, whether you live in the North West Sydney area or any other regional area, Gerard Malouf and Partners are able to ensure you are not disadvantaged and that you receive maximum compensation.