$50,000 Compensation for Tamworth Couple Following Poor Management of Pregnancy by Hunter Region Hospital

Published 03 Oct 2016

This matter involved a couple from the outskirts of Tamworth who were eagerly awaiting the birth of their 3rd child, who was due in September 2014.

On 5 September 2014, the mother was having labour pains and she believed she was in the process of delivering and she attended the hospital. The midwife placed a trace on the baby’s heart for approximately ten minutes and sent the mother home.

The mother then went home and the next day, she sustained a spontaneous rupture of membranes early in the morning. The couple rushed to the hospital and arrived at around 8:50AM. Instead of appropriately augmenting labour in a timely fashion, or treating the mother adequately for pre-labour rupture of membranes, the mother was sent home after a normal trace result.

The mother then began having contractions and again, more fluid gushed out and it began running down the mother’s legs. She then went to bed that evening and no further monitoring was done that day.

The next day, the mother had a shower and again noticed fluid running down her legs and she attended the hospital again. The hospital did a trace again for five to ten minutes, as well as an ultrasound. She was reassured everything was fine, and was told to go home. The mother wanted something done and wanted the baby delivered as she felt that there was something wrong.

Nevertheless, she went home, and on the next day, she was asked by a midwife to attend the Hospital and the midwife confirmed that the mother’s water had broken. A trace was done, but they could not get a heartbeat. An ultrasound also showed no heartbeat. The baby had died in utero as a result of the mother sustaining Chorioamnionitis (infection following the rupture of membranes) and a delayed pregnancy.

The couple suffered immense psychological harm following the incident, documented by an experienced psychiatrist.

Upon referral to our firm, our specialist medical negligence team, led by Mr Leslie Abboud, sought the expert opinion of a well-regarded gynaecologist, where it was shown that there was a correlation between poor management of the mother and the damages suffered. Following receipt of this evidence, Mr Abboud and his team alleged that had the mother been augmented with active medical management, the baby would have likely survived. The parties then went to mediation to attempt to resolve the matter. 

The hospital had their own expert reports on the matter and after vigorous negotiations, Mr Abboud and his team, as well as an expert barrister, negotiated and settled for the hospital to compensate our client $50,000.00 worth of damages due to the hospital’s negligence.

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