Bankstown single mother receives $375,000 in compensation following car collision

Published 08 Aug 2016

On 17 March 2013 the Claimant was the driver of a vehicle travelling down a main road in Bankstown when all of a sudden another vehicle exited a drive way at speed and collided with her vehicle.

As a result the Claimant suffered injuries to her lower back, fractures to her fibulas and tibia, soft tissue injuries to her knees and her left hip. She underwent surgery for her arm and extensive physiotherapy, psychological intervention and an exercise rehabilitation programme to help bring herself back to physical fitness.

These expenses were paid by Medicare and any payments paid out of the Claimant’s pocket was reimbursed to her. An amount was also set aside for her continuing out of pocket expenses which would relate to her injuries. 

As a direct result of the accident the Claimant was unable to return to any gainful employment. Prior to the accident she had been earning $1,000.00 per week as a manager of a charity front liner. We were able to claim her lost weekly income as well as superannuation for the 1 and half years which she had off work.

Mr Kolokossian noted that the Claimant had attempted to return to work but was knocked back on several occasions due to her injuries. He made sure the insurer set aside an amount of money to pay for her retraining in other employment areas as well as the lost income for having to do so. A claim was also made for her reduced capacity to compete on the open labour market.

The Claimant was a single mother who had the sole care and custody of her primary school aged child. As a result of the restriction she suffered from the accident she was unable to continue to complete the household chores, nor look after her child properly.

The Claimant relied upon her brother to complete her domestic duties and her child rearing responsibilities. This assistance included meal preparation, vacuuming, mopping, mowing, washing car, assists with cleaning bathrooms, bed rooms, kitchens and living spaces and looking after the social needs of her son.

Knowing this Mr Kolokossian obtain a written statement from the Claimant’s brother to outline the work which he had done and the various periods which he had helped his sister out.

As the Claimant was unable to drive she had to pay for the school bus to collect her son and take him to school. We were able to recoup this cost.

As the Claimant could not rely upon her brother indefinitely as he was starting his own family, Mr Kolokossian was able to secure the Claimant an amount of money to assist her with paid domestic cleaning assistance around the home, in the future.

The Claimant was assessed has being under the 10% Whole Person Impairment threshold and therefore was not entitled to significant compensation for the pain and suffering which she had suffered and would continue to suffer into the future.

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This was the outcome for our Client, Vrege Kolokossian was able to secure compensation for the Claimant in the amount of over $375,000.00 without having to incur the costs of a hearing before the Motor Accidents Authority.

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