Country NSW women receives significant compensation after being involved in a rear end collision

Published 29 Jun 2016

We acted for Mrs T who was involved in a rear end collision on a country road and sustained injuries to her neck and back.

The matter was reported to the Police and she was taken by ambulance to hospital to have her injuries investigated. She was not admitted into hospital but was investigated and discharged the same day.

Over the days and months her injuries deteriorated to the extent that she could not return to her aerobics and employment. As a result, she sought legal advice.

Action taken:-

A Personal Injury Claim Form was lodged on behalf of Mrs T to protect her rights. The third party insurer accepted liability for the accident and began paying her treatment expenses. She had a lot of sessions of physiotherapy as this helped her pain however, she would not recovery from the accident and continued to feel pain and discomfort on a regular basis which necessitated ongoing physiotherapy and ongoing purchasing of medication.

When her injuries had stabilised, arrangements were made for Mrs T to be assessed by our own medico legal specialists for the purposes of working out what her permanent impairment was, her need for future treatment, the effect of the injury on her capacity to work and her need for domestic care and assistance.

Once the reports were received, an offer was conveyed to the CTP insurer who then indicated a willingness to discuss the matter at a settlement conference.

The insurer did not offer enough at the settlement conference and the matter had to proceed through the usual motor accidents system. The matter first went to the Medical Assessment Service who found that Mrs T’s injuries were less than 10%. Ultimately, the matter proceeded to a CARS Assessment Hearing and an Assessor awarded Mrs T the sum of $500,000.00 for her injuries.


The result at CARS represented an excellent amount which was many times more than what the insurance company had offered Mrs T at the settlement conference.

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