Windsor child care worker awarded compensation following freak car accident

Published 25 Mar 2016

Our client a 37 year old child care worker from Windsor, was involved in a freak car accident while travelling along new line road in Cherrybrook. Another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction went out of control and cut across the path of our client. Without option our client has collided with the passenger side of this vehicle resulting in quit significant injuries to her face, head, shoulders, cervical spine and back as well as fractured to her ribs, and fractures to the left foot.

Our client was admitted to hospital where she remained in intensive care for 4 days before being discharged 6 days after her accident. Our client remained unable to work for a further 3 months as a result of her injuries and the recovery time which they required.

Over this period our client relied upon her husband and her mother to provide her with significant domestic care and assistance around her home. This was provided for over 15 hours per week in the first 3 months following the accident but reduced to 6 hours for the following 11 months. 

Our client was in need of assistance in her claim which she sought from Gerard Malouf and Partners.

Our client was in good hands with Mr Kolokossian looking after her case. Mr Kolokossian was able to secure the lost income that our client sustained for not being able to work for the first 3 months as well as compensation for the domestic care and assistance that was generously provided to her by her husband and her mother.

As a result of the accident Our client attended upon her general practitioner, undertook physiotherapy and required a review form a psychologist. Mr Kolokossian asserted that her injuries overcame the 10% whole person impairment threshold and argued the matter before the Motor Accidents Authority who authorised an independent assessor to determine the issue. 

Unfortunately for our client her injuries where only assessed at less than 10% whole person impairment. While one head of damage was precluded Mr Kolokossian was still able to make strong submissions in relation to future economic loss, future medical expenses and damages for future required domestic care and assistance.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we pride ourselves on the on our ability to negotiate matters and find a resolution for you without wasting the time and costs of the court process. Mr Kolokossian was able to settle our client’s claim for over $85,000.00 finding a quick resolution to her claim.

If you are a person who has suffered serious injuries in a rear-end accident, you may be entitled to receive a substantial award for compensation. If your injuries are as a result of the negligence of the insured driver and have adversely affected your ability to lead a normal life.

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