Brick Cleaner Receives $500,000 After Falling Off Faulty Scaffolding at a Worksite

Published 21 Jul 2015

Mr L was sent by his employer to a worksite in order to clean bricks using a pressure cleaner. He was required to stand on scaffolding in order to clean the bricks and walk in a backward / sideways motion. As he did so, he fell 4 ½ metres off some defective scaffolding which somebody had altered previously unbeknown to Mr L. As a result of his fall he sustained significant injuries including multiple fractures and a collapsed lung.

He was transported to hospital where he was admitted for a period of 5 days and thereafter discharged. As a result of his accident Mr L was unable to return to his position as a brick pressure cleaner and he was very concerned about his future so he contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners for advice in relation to what his legal rights might be.

Gerard Malouf & Partners arranged a conference to see Mr L and provided him with advice in relation to what his rights were. Action was commenced against the builder and the scaffolding company in the District Court of NSW. When Mr L’s injuries were stabilised, medical appointments were arranged to have Mr L assessed to determine the level of his injury, his need for future treatment and the costs of the same, the effect of the injury on his capacity to return to work and the effect of his injury on his capacity to perform his household and domestic chores.

When those reports were received and the matter had progressed through the court’s system, orders were made for the parties to participate in a mediation in order to discuss the issues between the parties and attempt resolution of the matter.

At the mediation the parties negotiated for several hours and ultimately an offer was made in the sum of $500,000 which Mr L was happy with. Mr L instructed our firm to accept the offer and he was thankful that we were able to help him by obtaining adequate compensation which would assist him in retraining and possibly setting up his own business in the future which he could manage.

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