Dog bite leads to compensation award against a Bondi medical centre

Published 10 Jul 2015

Failure by doctors in Bondi to recognise and treat an infection results in medical negligence compensation award.

A man was walking his dog one morning when he was bitten on the leg by another dog which went to attack our client’s dog. Our client stood between the two fighting dogs and was bitten. 

The wounds on his leg were deep and very painful and he sought medical attention at a nearby medical centre, shortly after. Initially, his wounds were cleaned and the wounds were stitched by the General Practitioner and our client was sent home. At home, our client’s leg became more painful, the wounds became red and inflamed and he returned to the medical centre the following day but saw a different doctor. This doctor prescribed antibiotics but did not remove the stitches or recognise an infection in the wound.

Our client was sent home again, however, the wound continued to deteriorate, he felt ill and this time he sought medical attention from a local hospital where he was admitted and ultimately required surgery and intravenous antibiotics to combat the serious infection that had now taken hold of his leg. 

Our client spent time in hospital, he underwent surgery and the infection caused him significant pain, discomfort and overall concern. Once he had returned home and his health had recovered to a certain extent our client called Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers for free legal advice as to whether or not he could make a Medical Negligence Compensation Claim against the medical practice.

He was advised that his case would be taken on and investigated on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers obtained the clinical records from the medical practice and from the hospital which our client attended and once the records had been examined an expert doctor was requested to provide a report on the conduct of the treating medical practitioners. 

A report was obtained which indicated that the level of care was below the acceptable standard and through the expertise and diligence of GMP Lawyers a claim was made which was ultimately successful and our client received the sum of $50,000.00 as an out of court medical negligence settlement.