$150,000 Compensation for Western Sydney Women Injured on a Bus

Published 29 Jun 2015

Our client who was on a bus travelling to her home in Western Sydney received over $150,000 in compensation due to the negligence of the bus driver. As the bus approached her stop, she stood up and prepared to exit. However the bus driver drove past the stop and then, realising his mistake, braked suddenly. As he braked suddenly our client was thrown forward onto the floor and down the bus stairs. She fractured her right knee and injured her back. An ambulance was called to the scene and she was admitted to hospital overnight. She was discharged the next day with a knee brace.

Our client tried to care for herself when she returned home but struggled to do so with her injuries. She had to move in with her daughters for three months. She was reliant on them to prepare her meals, assist her with showering, assist her with shopping, wash her clothes, and drive her to medical appointments.

Our client continued to suffer from persisting pain in her left knee and lower back. Her left knee also became very swollen and weak and felt very unstable. She struggled to walk and to stand for long periods of time. She also developed post-traumatic stress disorder and felt very anxious when travelling in busses.

Our client was away from work for the three months following the accident. She gradually returned to work on lighter hours and only resumed full-time employment nine months after the accident. However, she could not continue in full-time work and two months later she had to take long service leave.

Fearing that she would be unable to return to full-time work and would have to retire early, she sought the advice of Gerard Malouf & Partners. We reassured her that she could make a claim for compensation for both her lost income and the care provided by her daughters. She was confident in our ability to secure a fair amount of compensation from the insurer and instructed us to take on her claim.

We obtained expert medical reports and documents confirming our client’s lost income. The reports confirmed that our client required ongoing domestic assistance at home. The evidence also confirmed that our client would lose a significant amount of income for retiring early as a result of her injuries. We utilised this evidence to successfully argue that our client should be significantly compensated for these losses. We successfully negotiated a settlement amount in excess of $150,000. Our client was extremely grateful to Gerard Malouf & Partners for aggressively pursuing her claim and was relieved that her financial worries were now over.