Self-Employed Painter Receives $750,000 Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

Published 18 Dec 2014

Mr P owned and operated his own painting company specialising mainly in commercial painting. He had been running this type of business for approximately seven (7) years. On 23 September 2012, Mr P was stationary on a set of traffic lights when another vehicle failed to stop and collided into the rear of his vehicle. As a result of the accident, Mr P suffered injuries to the neck and back and was conveyed by Ambulance to hospital where he was examined and discharged later that day.

Mr P’s injuries did not reduce and his symptoms continued to worsen over time and so he consulted Gerard Malouf & Partners for advice in relation to any possible causes of action that he may have against the driver that struck him.

Gerard Malouf & Partners provided advice to Mr P that he was entitled to lodge a Personal Injury Claim against the CTP Insurer of the vehicle that struck him. A claim form was lodged and the insurer accepted liability. When Mr P’s injuries stabilised, medical assessments were arranged for him with an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Psychiatrist both of whom certified that his injuries were more than 10% Whole Person Impairment due to the fact that he required neck and back surgery. Mr P was not prepared to have surgery presently and regardless of that fact the insurer agreed that Mr P’s injuries were greater than 10% Whole Person Impairment.

A settlement conference was arranged at the offices of the Defendant and they offered Mr P the sum of $750,000.00 after substantial and lengthy negotiations. 

Mr P was thrilled with the result noting that the matter only took him fifteen (15) months to resolve from the date of commencement and he was going to receive very close to $600,000.00. This settlement elevated a lot of the financial pressures that he was experiencing and whilst he could not return to his business as a painter he could use the money to commence another business which he could manage.

Mr P was thrilled with the result and provided instructions to accept the offer.

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