Truck driver receives $300,000 compensation after suffering whiplash injury in truck accident

Published 06 Nov 2014

We acted for Mr T who was injured during the course of his employment as a truck driver when another vehicle pulled out into his path forcing him to swerve and collide with several other vehicles. Mr T suffered predominately a whiplash injury to the neck which caused him stiffness and pain when sitting for lengthy periods of time.

He was unsure as to whether he could claim as he was receiving workers compensation payments at the time but he made enquires with Gerard Malouf and Partners compensation lawyers and he was advised while his claim was late that he could still lodge a personal injury claim form and provide an explanation for the delay in making the claim. Mr T instructed our firm to act on his behalf and we lodged a claim for with Zurich.

A claim form was lodged on behalf of Mr T with Zurich who accepted liability and accepted Mr T’s explanation for the delay in making the claim. Mr T’s employment situation changed so that he was unable to drive trucks and he had to start a different job which was paying him much less.

The insurer sent Mr T to their doctor and their doctor agreed that his whiplash injuries would prevent him driving a truck long term and that Mr T was justified in changing his employment.

Zurich invited us to attend their offices to participate in a settlement conference. Offers were exchanged and ultimately the matter resolved in the sum of $300,000.

Mr T was very pleased with the result noting that it was achieved in a very short time. He was experiencing financial difficulty and was thankful that we could achieve a resolution of his matter which was going to assist him financially with his financial affairs and enable him to retrain so that he can obtain suitable new employment.

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