80-year-old resident run over by his own van

Date: Jul 27, 2011

A 80-year-old retiree has died after he was run over by his own van in what the media described as a "freak accident" at at 09:15 on July 25.

Inspector Peter Volf said that Donald McClintock – a long term resident of Batemans Bay- had taken his VW camper van to a local mechanic on Russell Street.

While the mechanic was performing an inspection of the vehicle, Mr McClintock is alleged to have reached in through the van's window and turned the key in the ignition.

According to police reports, the vehicle was still in reverse gear and when the motor turned over, it caused the van to jerk backwards suddenly. This action knocked the elderly man from his feet and he was unable to recover.

The van ran him over before rolling down a cement driveway, coming to a sudden stop after colliding with a parked ute.

Mr McClintock received severe injuries as a result of the accident. Bystanders provided first aid to the injured man and reportedly performed CPR until emergency services arrived.

On arrival, intensive care ambulance officers rushed Mr McClintock to the nearby Batemans Bay Hospital, where he died of his injuries soon after admission.

Police say that their forensic specialists closed the scene for investigation and will be preparing a report for the coroner.

It is unclear who, if anybody, is at fault in this incident, with WorkCover NSW also launching an investigation into the death.

Mr McClintock's wife and family were due to arrive in Australia from the USA where they reside, according to the Canberra Times.

Depending on the coroner's findings, the victims family could consult with compensation lawyers to determine if they are eligible to make a professional negligence claim against the mechanic.

The main component in this claim is that the professional, in the normal course of operation, failed to exercise a reasonable degree of skill and care that resulted in injury.

The van – a pop-top camper – was found at the scene wedged against a ute parked nearby. The van had its driver door wrenched open and bent at an angle by the impact with the ute as a result of the incident.

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