70-year-old man dies in two-car crash

Date: Dec 21, 2011

An accident in the Riverina region in southern New South Wales has claimed the life of one man while injuring two other males and a female.

The collision occurred on December 16 on the Cobb Highway 5 kilometres north of the township of Mathoura.

According to official reports, a Holden Berlina station wagon driven by a 37-year-old man and a Peugeot sedan with a 53-year-old male driver and two passengers were involved in a collision at around 18:20.

Police say that there was heavy rain in the area at the time of the accident that may have been a contributing factor.

Reports indicate that a detective from the Deniliquin Local Area Command discovered the scene of the accident shortly after it had occurred and was able to contact emergency services before he began to render first aid to the victims.

Ambulance officers found the front passenger in the Peugeot – a 78-year-old male – to be deceased when they arrived at the scene.

The surviving male and a second passenger – a 46-year old female- were both found in a serious condition, suffering from serious internal injuries.

It appears that the man and woman were brother and sister and that the deceased occupant was their father.

Paramedics from NSW and Victoria were able to stabilise the victims at the scene before they were transferred for further medical treatment.

The 46-year-old driver was airlifted to The Alfred Hospital while his sister was transported by ambulance to Echuca Hospital before she too was taken by helicopter to Melbourne.

Escaping with only minor injuries, the 37-year-old male driving the Holden was given a roadside breath-test by police – which produced a negative result for alcohol – before he too was taken to the nearby Deniliquin Hospital to undergo mandatory blood and urine analysis.

The road was closed for a number of hours – allowing detectives from the Deniliquin Criminal Investigations Unit examined the scene – before salvage crews were allowed to clear the scene of wreckage.

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