7 injured in multi-vehicle crash in Smithfield

Date: Nov 20, 2014

A collision in Smithfield involving a car, a bus and a truck has resulted in seven people suffering injuries.

According to the reports, an infant and a three-year-old were seriously hurt in the accident and sent to Children's Hospital Westmead, while several others were treated at the scene.

The youngsters, both girls, were passengers on the bus, which contained a number of children – although it was not a school bus.

NSW Police said the incident, which occurred on Wednesday (November 19) at 11:15am, caused closures on Victoria Street and Market Street, although diversions were set up to ease congestion.

Officers confirmed the bus driver was taken to Liverpool Hospital for blood and urine testing to check whether he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is a mandatory procedure for drivers involved in a crash.

Details of the crash

The Daily Telegraph reports that the accident occurred when a tipper truck filled with concrete smashed into the side of the bus. It is currently unclear how the car was involved in the incident.

Crane builder Mike Smith, who witnessed the crash, claimed there "was blood and glass everywhere", as well as diesel flooding down the road.

"The two little girls hit their heads and had cuts and bruises all over them and were bleeding from the mouth and nose. Mum had a big gash right on her head," he explained.

"I helped another lady who headbutted the steel poles people use to hold on to. An elderly gentleman copped a massive whack as well."

Mr Smith, along with several colleagues, rushed to get the passengers off the bus after noticing the diesel leak. He also stopped the fuel running into a storm drain by building a makeshift dam.

After the passengers were safely removed from the bus, a witness retrieved rags from his workshop so that people could tend to their facial injuries until medical help arrived.

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