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3 questions you should ask before choosing a compensation lawyer

After an injury, it can be easy to jump the gun and think you have a right to sue. However, there are a number of requirements needed to ensure that a claim is not thrown out the window by a judge. 

For many people, knowing they have an ironclad claim is well out of their area of expertise. As such, if you are suffering from a car accident injury, it is important to consult with an experienced compensation lawyer.

To help, here are three questions you should ask your lawyer about your case. 

Question 1: Based on the facts, do I have a case?

If your lawyer is a professional with tonnes of experience, they will know from the facts of your case whether you have grounds for making a compensation claim. It is highly important that this question is answered early in the consultation to ensure your time is not wasted. 

While the lawyer may say you do not have a case, they may not be a specialist in the area.

Question 2: Are you an specialist in personal injury law?

When seeking compensation lawyers in Sydney, it is essential to seek out those that have been approved by the Law Society of New South Wales. This will ensure that you are talking to an accredited specialist in personal injury law.

This qualification is offered only to lawyers who have shown expertise and in-depth knowledge of the area of personal injury law. To achieve this, lawyers have to be peer reviewed by other lawyers in the field and rated based on previous legal action and educational background. 

Question 3: What area do you specialise in?

Like all areas of law, there are a number of sub-specialities that lawyers can focus on. From car accident claims to workers compensation, there are a variety of claim types.

Having said this, there are a number of firms that specialise in all aspects of compensation law. Through competent and diligent recruitment, these companies have a suite of lawyers with a range of backgrounds and specialisations.

This is highly important as each compensation claim is a unique process, and so it is essential to talk to lawyers that are experts in their field. If you would like to know more about the different types of compensation claims, contact one of Gerard Malouf and Partner’s specialist lawyers today. 

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